Webinar: Hassayampa River Study – Assessing Low Impact Development for Stormwater Management

June 7, 2021
Hassayampa River Study photo

Webinar Announcement: The Bureau of Reclamation and the City of Buckeye invite you to attend an upcoming webinar on a study titled: Hassayampa River Study – Assessing Low Impact Development for Stormwater Management.

What: Webinar on Hassayampa River Study - Assessing Low Impact Development for Stormwater Management (Study)
When: June 30, 2021 from 10 to 11:30 a.m.
Where: Buckeye virtual meeting

What is Low Impact Development? Low Impact Development (LID) features are used to manage and treat stormwater alone or in conjunction with conventional stormwater management practices. LID mimic natural processes to reduce stormwater runoff and sediment transport and infiltrate stormwater into the soil as close to its source as possible. Co-benefits may include aquifer recharge, ecosystem support, improved stormwater quality and urban heat reduction and improved air quality.

Study Background: This study investigates the effectiveness of theoretical use of LID to manage stormflows above and within developed areas in the City of Buckeye on alluvial fans located on the west side of the White Tank Mountains. This analysis includes surface water modeling of LID scenarios to assess the potential impacts on stormwater flow, infiltration and sediment transport. The results of this study can help inform LID planning decisions. Reclamation and Buckeye will assess LID Operations and Maintenance costs and develop a LID Handbook. A conceptual groundwater model will be developed to assess the effect of LID on aquifer recharge. A cost-share agreement between the Bureau of Reclamation and non-federal partner City of Buckeye was signed on November 25, 2020. The Study is expected to conclude in June 2023. Flood Control District of Maricopa County (FCDMC) is updating the Sun Valley (SV) Area Drainage Master Plan for the region and is a primary stakeholder.

Webinar Details: In this webinar, study representatives will introduce and provide an overview of the Study including study area selection, data compilation, acquisition and use of the FCDMC SV surface water model, development of the Hassayampa River Study surface water model, LID scenario development and modeling, assessment of LID Operations and Maintenance costs, preparation of the City of Buckeye LID Handbook, development of a conceptual groundwater model to assess groundwater recharge associated with LID and preparation of a final report.

Contact: Deborah Tosline, US Bureau of Reclamation, dtosline@usbr.gov, 623-773-6277.

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