Water Factsheet for Yavapai County Published

May 11, 2023
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The Yavapai County Water Factsheet is now available! As the fifth installment of the WRRC’s Arizona Water Factsheet initiative, this eight-page resource provides wide-ranging examples and essential contextual information to understand water supplies, demands, and management in Yavapai County.

Recognizing the legacy of agriculture and ranching, Yavapai County prepares for continued residential growth and economic expansion including the emerging prominence in Arizona’s wine industry, which plays an important role in local tourism. The factsheet highlights efforts to balance water use that supports human communities and the natural environment, including the perennial flows in the Verde River — a major perennial river in Arizona and the longest stretch of continuous riparian habitat in the state. Along with groundwater overdraft in the Prescott AMA, active collaboration among local governments, engaged environmental organizations, state and federal agencies, businesses, and the public are working to address these challenges.

For Yavapai County, the Technical Advisory Committee was led by Leslie Graser of the City of Prescott and Matthew Halldorson, Yavapai County Cooperative Extension Director. Additional members of the TAC include Yavapai County Cooperative Extension, the City of Cottonwood, and The Nature Conservancy, with additional input received from other stakeholders within the county.

Yavapai County Water Factsheet
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