Brittany Choate Presents WRRC Conserve to Enhance Work and Wins, Twice

Dec. 28, 2011

This past week at the University of Arizona has been busy for many student researchers.

On November 4th, U of A hosted its annual campus-wide Student Showcase. This event occurs annually during Homecoming weekend and provides more than 100 undergraduate and graduate students with an opportunity to communicate their research with interested community members, university students, and returning alumni. Master’s student in Soil and Water Science Brittany Choate presented a poster at this event on the Water Resources Research Center’s Conserve to Enhance (C2E) Tucson Pilot program. C2E is a WRRC program designed to link municipal water conservation with environmental enhancement. Choate’s presentation was met with enthusiasm and she was awarded 2nd place in the Agriculture & Environmental Sciences Graduate Student division.

A second annual event was held on November 8th—the Institute for the Environment’s Environmental Research Grad Blitz. The Grad Blitz is an opportunity for graduate students to present either a poster or a five minute, rapid fire talk outlining their environmentally related research at the University. Twenty-three oral presentations were given and a number of posters were presented at the Blitz. Choate again presented her work with the WRRC’s C2E Tucson Pilot and won the Judges’ Choice award for best presentation linking science to society.

Both the poster and the presentation will be made available on the sponsoring program’s home website. More information about Conserve to Enhance and the C2E Tucson Pilot can be found at the website: