Ashley Hullinger Takes New Position in Pennsylvania

Aug. 18, 2023
ashley hullinger sitting by a waterfall

Longtime WRRC staff member Ashley Hullinger has recently accepted the position of Water Program Specialist with the Chesapeake Bay Watershed Protection Division at the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection. As first a Research Analyst and then Program Director for the Water RAPIDS Program (Water Research and Planning Innovations for Dryland Systems), Ashley has worked with communities and watershed partnerships since 2014 to develop strategies for balancing human water demands alongside the water demand of the natural environment. During her time at the WRRC, Ashley led and contributed to various stakeholder-driven projects to develop accessible tools and approaches to understand local water resources situations and build capacity for sustainable water management throughout Arizona, especially in rural watersheds. In a parting message, she said, "After nearly ten years at the WRRC, I feel fortunate and deeply grateful for all the opportunities to learn about and work with communities and stakeholders throughout Arizona. The relationships, experiences, and approaches to developing equitable solutions for unique water resources challenges will continue to inspire and inform my work for many, many years to come."

WRRC Research and Outreach Program Officer Susanna Eden says, “I first met Ashley when she began at the WRRC as a graduate student assistant with the Water RAPIDS program. From there she grew into her role as that program’s director and champion and has been a remarkable asset to the WRRC. More than that, she has been a treasured colleague and friend.” WRRC Director Sharon B. Megdal commented: “I admire and thank Ashley for her commitment to assisting individuals and communities in making informed water and natural resource decisions. Ashley has been a wonderful and effective colleague. We will miss her regular contributions and her smile. I am grateful that Ashley is going to continue to stay engaged with us as a Designated Campus Colleague!”

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