WRRC Imagine a Day Without Water Special Event: THIRST FOR JUSTICE PANEL






Leana Hosea
Director, Thirst for Justice; BBC Multi-Media Investigative Journalist
Nayyirah Shariff
Director, Flint Rising; Grassroots Organizer
Chris Shuey
Director, Uranium Impact Assessment Program, Southwest Research and Information Center
Laura Sullivan
Professor, Mechanical Engineering, Kettering University
Janene Yazzie
Co-Founder and CEO, Sixth World Solutions

In conjunction with Imagine a Day Without Water, a national day of action to support communities lacking access to clean water, the WRRC is pleased to announce a special panel discussion of Thirst for Justice, as well as free screening of the documentary for all event registrants. The film follows residents of Sanders, AZ and Flint, MI in their efforts to ensure clean, safe drinking water for their communities, both which are continuing their daily fight for water justice.  This special panel includes individuals who were featured in the documentary and can share some of their first-hand experiences.

Asynchronous Screening
(Available Sunday, October 16 through Saturday, October 22)

The film will be made available to registrants in advance of the panel so that they may watch the film on their own time prior to attending the event. Access will begin on Sunday, October 16 and will remain available through Saturday, October 22.

Panel Discussion

The virtual panel will be held via Zoom on October 20, 2022, from 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm Arizona Time. The discussion will feature Film Director and BBC Multimedia Investigative Journalist Leana Hosea, as well as Janene Yazzie, co-founder and CEO of Sixth World Solutions and resident of Sanders, AZ; Chris Shuey, director of the Uranium Impact Assessment Program at Southwest Research and Information Center; Nayyirah Shariff, grassroots organizer and director of Flint Rising; and Laura Sullivan, professor of mechanical engineering at Kettering University and member of the Flint Water Interagency Committee. The panel discussion will include time for Q&A.


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