Building Benson Water Resilience

Arizona Water Factsheets

participants in arizona water factsheets event in benson az




Taylor Simmons
Graduate Outreach Assistant, Water Resources Research Center
Paul Hirt
Professor Emeritus and Senior Sustainability Scholar, Arizona State University
Bailey Winston
Southern Arizona Water Projects Manager, The Nature Conservancy
Trevor Lauber
Community Outreach Professional, Cochise County Cooperative Extension Water Wise
Alex Kosmider
Community Outreach Professional, Cochise County Cooperative Extension Water Wise Youth
Chelsea Ballard
Cave Resource Specialist, Kartchner Caverns State Park
Kitt Kleinschmidt
Three Links Preserve Manager, The Nature Conservancy
Mahlon McKenzie
Holistic Range Manager

Watch the Recorded Presentations

The University of Arizona Water Resources Research Center (WRRC), in partnership with Cochise County Cooperative Extension’s Water Wise program, was pleased to host Building Benson Water Resilience. This partnership stemmed from the WRRC’s Arizona County Water Factsheet initiative and the release of the Cochise County Water Factsheet in 2022. County Water Factsheets draw from a wide range of public water-related data and were developed with the help of local water experts into an accessible resource for a general audience. The Water Wise program has been conducting water education and conservation in Cochise County for nearly 30 years. Water Wise works with youth and adult participants on topics ranging from the water cycle to rainwater harvesting, native plants, and more.

The Building Benson Water Resilience event covered how water availability in an arid climate had shaped agriculture, land and water management, and local conservation strategies. Featured speakers included local residents presenting on regenerative agriculture and groundwater use myths and best practices, with additional representation from local organizations like The Nature Conservancy and Kartchner Caverns State Park. The event invited attendees to join for an evening highlighting local water, with opening remarks from Mayor Konrad.

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