Brown Bag Webinar: Water for Nature

Rocky ledge Oak Creek Sedona





Kristen Wolfe
Coordinator, Sustainable Water Network

Kristen Wolfe will be presenting Water for Nature, a talk focusing on environmental water, the forgotten/ignored stakeholder in water policy, management, and law. Leaving water for nature out of water laws and management has had dire consequences for our rivers, streams, and springs. Climate change and unsustainable growth are accelerating river depletion. It is time to find ways to allow for water for nature. Human uses depend on healthy, flowing rivers.

Kristen Wolfe is an online instructor for Connecticut's Quinnipiac University. She created several courses for the online Health Science Program with a focus on the environment and human health. While living in Connecticut, she served on her town's Inland Wetland and Watercourses Commission for 11 years. Six years ago, she brought her interest in the environment and water to Arizona and became involved in the Sustainable Water Network (formerly the Sustainable Water Workgroup), a coalition of over 30 environmental, conservation, and community organizations working to promote sustainable water policies based on the best available science, including ways to get more water for diminishing rivers.

Banner Photo: Ryan Wing - Oak Creek