The Arroyo is a unique publication produced each spring to look in depth at a single topic of timely importance to Arizona. Intended to be understood by the lay public, it reaches educators, water managers, decisionmakers, students, and interested individuals and has been used to inform policy discussions. Topics have ranged widely over the years, including desalination, groundwater recharge, reclaimed water, border water issues, water for the environment, emerging contaminants, tribal water resilience, and irrigated agriculture. Published regularly since 2007, in recent years, the Arroyo has been linked with the WRRC Annual Conference topic, to capture and expand on the themes and lessons of the conference. The contents are reviewed by external experts before publication to ensure accuracy and comprehensibility. Copies of the Arroyo, from its earliest issue to the present, are available online. Printed copies are mailed to print subscribers, and additional copies may be obtained upon request.