WRRC Participates in the 2023 CSA Legislative Policy Summit

Oct. 23, 2023
flagstaff summit

Last week, Director Sharon B. Megdal and Graduate Assistant Taylor Simmons represented the WRRC at the 2023 County Supervisors Association (CSA) Legislative Policy Summit in Flagstaff. The non-partisan forum is hosted annually by the CSA for elected county supervisors to discuss and devise plans for pressing county or statewide issues. Water management strategies, such as those of the Rural Groundwater Committee of the Governor’s Water Policy Council, were on the forum agenda. Director Megdal, who serves as a member of the Council and is on the Rural Groundwater Committee, was recognized during this session. During the summit, the WRRC set up a booth to help foster a greater understanding of the counties' water resources by sharing the Arizona Water Factsheets series with elected county supervisors and their staff.

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