WRRC 2011 Arroyo – Dedicated to desalination

May 12, 2011

The UA Water Resources Research Center has just released the 2011 Arroyo, dedicated to the subject of desalination.  Water professionals in Arizona have been focusing recently on water desalination as a means of increasing supply to meet the state’s growing water demands.  The new Arroyo provides background and basic information on the issues surrounding this technology for the interested citizen to understand and participate in the desalination conversation.  The 12-page booklet includes answers to such questions as, What is salinity? How does desalination work? What water would be desalinated? Why do we care? How much would it cost? What is the down side? What are scientists working on right now? and Where do we go from here?

Arroyo is intended to be an accessible, accurate and objective source of timely information on topics of current interest in Arizona.  Recent issues have addressed groundwater recharge, riparian restoration, water reuse and the water-energy nexus.  The desalination Arroyo, along with past issues, is available in PDF at no charge on-line at https://wrrc.arizona.edu/publications/arroyo.

For more on desalination, visit the WRRC’s 2011 Annual Conference page, “Salinity and Desalination in the Southwest: Challenges and Solutions,” with links to the presentations of conference speakers https://wrrc.arizona.edu/sites/wrrc.arizona.edu/files/programs/conf2011/index.html