Quick! Register Now for the WRRC Annual Conference!

June 24, 2022

The low-cost standard registration for the WRRC's upcoming conference, Arizona’s Agricultural Outlook: Water, Climate, and Sustainability, closes on June 30! Register today to ensure your spot before the price goes up. In addition to the diverse set of speakers and topics scheduled for the in-person day on July 12, the WRRC has organized two days of virtual programming on July 13 and 14. Day 2 (July 13) opens with a panel on climate change and drought adaptation, including discussions of Tribal resilience, the impacts of Colorado River shortages on irrigated agriculture, and mitigation research. The innovative partnership between N-Drip, the Colorado River Indian Tribes, and Central Arizona Project will be featured in a panel on technological solutions to pressing drought concerns. The day closes with a roundtable discussion of water policy in the region, including outcomes from the current Arizona legislative session, similarities of issues faced in California, and USDA rural development efforts. 

Day 3 (July 14) will begin with a panel on agriculture, water, and public health. This panel will include discussion on water quality regulations, food safety, water recycling, and pesticide use. The day's second panel features efforts to inspire future agricultural professionals, including rural agricultural and ranching training programs and perspective from a “Next Generation” farmer. The conference closes with a forward-looking discussion of agriculture in Arizona, bringing perspectives that include the law, urbanization, and water sustainability.  

Standard registration for the in-person event on July 12 is open through June 30 at the low cost of $60, and only $25 for students. Beginning July 1, the price of registration increases to $85. Registration links, conference information, and the agenda are posted on our conference website

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