“Crafting Binational Groundwater Agreements for Transboundary Aquifer Sharing” Published by Binational Team

Feb. 16, 2024
TAAP image showing us mex border

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Published in January 2024 in Water Economics and Policy, the Policy Nook article titled “Crafting Binational Groundwater Agreements: Preconditions for Progress” examines the challenges impeding diplomatic advances in bilateral cooperation on transboundary aquifer sharing and explores opportunities, including a framework agreement for binational groundwater, to enhance stewardship of shared aquifers. Authored by a binational team from the US and Mexico, the article emphasizes the importance of addressing longstanding barriers to bilateral cooperation on groundwater and highlights the potential benefits of binational groundwater agreements between the two countries. The full article can be found HERE. The authors hope that this article, along with the previously published paper, “Reaching Groundwater Agreements on the Border Between Mexico and the United States: Science and Policy Fundamentals,” stimulates dialogue on binational groundwater management along the border shared by Mexico and the United States.