Climate Change and Water Resources Management in the Upper Santa Cruz River, Arizona

Dec. 12, 2014

WRRC Director Sharon B. Megdal and WRRC Assistant Director Susanna Eden recently co-authored an article on a modeling framework analysis that incorporates climate projections for water resources management in the Upper Santa Cruz River in Arizona. 

The article, “Climate change and water resources management in the Upper Santa Cruz River, Arizona,” was published in the Journal of Hydrology and is now available online, free of charge.

Highlights of the article:

  • Climate projection in Southern Arizona increase uncertainty in rainfall patterns.
  • Future climate is expected to decrease groundwater recharge from streamflow.
  • Sound management can alleviate the impact of projected future climate.
  • Water resources management strategies can affect long-term reliability of water supplies.

Their co-authors are Eylon Shamir (lead author), Carlos Carrillo, Christopher L. Castro, Hsin-I Chang, Karletta Chief, Frank E. Corkhill, Konstantine P. Georgakakos, Keith M. Nelson and Jacob Prietto.