WRRC Water Webinar: Yuma Agriculture's Water Use and Efficiency

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Meghan Scott
Attorney, Noble Law Office

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This WRRC Water Webinar will provide an overview of Yuma agriculture's water use and its efficiencies and will also cover high level Colorado River law as it relates to Yuma irrigation districts' and other contractors' priorities and uses. The presentation will also cover possible impacts to the Yuma area and its water users resulting from drought and potential federal action. 

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Meghan Scott is an attorney with the Noble Law Office, where she represents multiple irrigation districts in the Yuma area, as well as the Bard Water District located in California. She handles legislative affairs for the Yuma Fresh Vegetable Association and focuses her practice on water and agricultural law, in addition to business and corporate law, contracts and contract negotiation, estate planning and administration, real estate law, and civil litigation. Scott is the Assistant Coordinator for the Yuma County Agriculture Water Coalition and sits on the Board of Directors for both the Agribusiness and Water Council of Arizona (ABWC) and the National Water Resources Association. In her role at ABWC, she recently helped form the Arizona Association of Women in Water and Agriculture. Meghan Scott was born and raised in Yuma, Arizona, and is the daughter of a third-generation Yuma farmer.