WRRC Special Event: Impressions and Takeaways from the UN 2023 Water Conference

image taken from UN water conference graphic with text and photo of water splashing




Andrea K. Gerlak
Director, Udall Center for Studies in Public Policy and Professor, School of Geography, Development and Environment, UArizona
Sharon B. Megdal
Director, Water Resources Research Center, UArizona
Wilzave Quiles Guzmán
MS Student, School of Natural Resources and the Environment, UArizona
Amelia Flores
Chairwoman, Colorado River Indian Tribal Council
Stephen Roe Lewis
Governor, Gila River Indian Community
Daryl Vigil
Co-Director, Colorado River Basin Water & Tribes Initiative
Faith Sternlieb
Associate Director, Stakeholder Engagement, Internet of Water Initiative, Lincoln Institute Center for Geospatial Solutions
Elia Tapia
UArizona Alumna and Professor, Universidad de Sonora

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The UN 2023 Water Conference, scheduled for March 22–24, 2023, will bring together over 6,500 people from across the globe. Only the second UN water conference (the first was held in 1977 in Argentina), the three-day event is co-hosted by the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the Republic of Tajikistan. The many sessions and side events at the conference will showcase the global momentum for addressing the broad challenges surrounding water, particularly efforts to further achievement of UN Sustainable Development Goal 6, “Ensure access to water and sanitation for all.” Join University of Arizona delegates Professor Andrea K. Gerlak, WRRC Director Sharon B. Megdal, and Graduate Student Wilzave Quiles Guzmán for a special webinar discussion.

Reflections: Today Is World Water Day! (PDF)


andrea gerlak headshot

Andrea K. Gerlak is Director at the Udall Center for Studies in Public Policy and Professor in the School of Geography, Development and Environment at the University of Arizona. Her research agenda focuses on cooperation and conflict in water governance, including questions of equity and access, institutional change, learning and adaptation. She is an author or co-author of more than 100 publications. Gerlak has more than two decades of experience leading interdisciplinary environmental studies programs and university-community environmental partnerships.

sharon b megdal headshot

Sharon B. Megdal is Director of the WRRC, a member of the Department of Environmental Science faculty, C.W. & Modene Neely Endowed Professor, and Distinguished Outreach Professor. Megdal aims to bridge the academic, practitioner, and civil society communities through water policy and management research, education, and engagement programs. Each Spring semester, she teaches the graduate course “Water Policy in Arizona and Semi-arid Regions.” Megdal’s Reflections essays and other information about her work can be found on the WRRC website.

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Wilzave Quiles Guzmán is currently completing her MS Degree in Water, Society, and Policy at the University of Arizona, with a strong focus on local and international water resources. Wilzave also serves as a Graduate Research Assistant and project manager for the interdisciplinary research project "Assessing Navajo COVID-19 Risks and Increasing Indigenous Resilience.” A native of Puerto Rico, Wilzave has a strong interest in service, community engagement, and the intersection of science and society, and she is deeply passionate about water resources