Special Event - LIVING RIVER The Promise of the Mighty Colorado

Join conservation photographer DAVE SHOWALTER and special guests for a visual presentationof the living Colorado River!

living river graphic with photo of Dave Showalter and the colorado river




Dave Showalter
Conservation photographer

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Join conservation photographer Dave Showalter for a unique in person event—an epic visual journey through the vast Colorado River watershed. Dave Showalter's new book, Living River: The Promise of the Mighty Colorado (New April 2023 from Braided River) paints a galvanizing picture of the living Colorado River and the challenges it faces, and will inspire people of all walks of life to cherish and protect the life, beauty, and resilience of this dynamic life force.

As the seven states of the century-old Colorado River Compact renegotiate the river’s management guidelines, which expire in 2026, Living River journeys through the endangered Colorado River from source to sea, and illustrates how we can create a resilient watershed by changing our relationship with water.

Featuring stunning photography and powerful essays, Living River captures breathtaking landscapes rich with wildlife, from the upper Colorado’s tributary Fraser River to the southwestern Gila and San Pedro Rivers. Along the way, Showalter weaves in the stories of riverkeepers who work tirelessly to protect and preserve the river and its surrounding communities.

Living River is published by Braided River, a literary and conservation nonprofit, and an imprint of Mountaineers Books. Learn more at www.livingrivercolorado.org.

Conservation photographer and author DAVE SHOWALTER is focused on the American West. Dave works throughout the ecosystems of the Intermountain West and has published two books prior to Living River: Sage Spirit: The American West at a Crossroads (Braided River), and Prairie Thunder: The Nature of Colorado’s Great Plains (Skyline Press). Dave is a Senior Fellow in the International League of Conservation Photographers, and a long-time contributor and partner of Platte Basin Time-lapse. Dave works in partnership with numerous conservation groups, including: Audubon Rockies, The Nature Conservancy, and Trout Unlimited Headwaters chapter on the Living River project. With Living River and conservation story-telling, Dave seeks to take readers on a journey to see ourselves as part of nature and the community of living things, engendering empathy, caring, and love of the natural world—the genesis of meaningful conservation. Dave is based in Arvada, Colorado. www.livingrivercolorado.org