Native Voices in STEM - Environmental Justice and Indigenous Rights in Eastern North Carolina






Ryan E. Emanuel (Lumbee)
Associate Professor, Nicholas School of the Environment, Duke University

Dr. Ryan E. Emanuel is an associate professor in the Nicholas School of the Environment at Duke University and was formerly a professor in the College of Natural Resources at North Carolina State University. He is a hydrologist who also studies environmental justice issues facing tribal communities in North Carolina.

One side of his research focuses on the status and movement of water in the environment using models, geospatial analyses, and field studies. Another side focuses on the historical and cultural importance of water, and on the burdens and barriers faced by tribes and other vulnerable communities who seek to have a voice in decisions about water and watery places.

Emanuel teaches courses on hydrology, environmental science, Indigenous knowledges, and environmental justice. He is an enrolled member of the Lumbee Tribe.