Imagine a Day Without Water: Emerging Leaders Panel

Imagine a Day Without Water Panel





Mary-Belle Cruz Ayala
2021 PhD, Arid Lands Resource Sciences, WRRC Postdoc, US-Mexico Transboundary Aquifer Assessment Program
Taylor McHugh
former Peace Corps Volunteer and MA student, Landscape Architecture, WRRC Graduate Student Assistant, Water Information Outreach to Arizona Counties
David Eduardo Morales
former Peace Corps Volunteer and MS student, Hydrology, WRRC Graduate Outreach Assistant, Indigenous Water Dialogues
Nikki Tulley
PhD candidate, Soil, Water & Environmental Science and Indigenous Food, Energy & Water, Security & Sovereignty
Simone Williams
PhD student, Arid Land Resource Sciences, WRRC Graduate Research Assistant, Diversity and Inclusion in Water Resources Initiative
The WRRC is celebrating “Imagine a Day Without Water” on Thursday, October 21, with a special webinar featuring a 19-minute video on global water issues followed by a panel of emerging leaders in water and environmental management and policy. As part of a Netflix educational series, the video, EXPLAINED: The World’s Water Crisis, takes in the consequences of pollution, over-consumption, drought, and climate change on existing freshwater resources and some approaches to averting the coming crisis. It focuses attention on the value of water as essential and irreplaceable. The panel discussion will include reactions to the film and personal stories about living without easy access to water, as well as comments on how to create just and equitable solutions. The WRRC is fortunate this semester to be assisted by talented and committed staff and students. At the beginning of their careers, the individuals on this panel will provide fresh perspectives on water challenges, some that have been building up for generations.
Imagine a Day Without Water (IDWW) is an annual education campaign “that brings together diverse stakeholders to highlight how water is essential, invaluable, and in need of investment.” Organized by the Value of Water Campaign, a nationwide effort led by water industry leaders and the US Water Alliance, IDWW is a call to action for stakeholders to share resources and information to raise awareness about water resources in America. Individuals can participate by taking the initiative to learn about where their water comes from, or how water is used in their community. Organizations throughout the state and nation are participating by sharing information using the hashtag #ValueWater on Twitter and Facebook. Readers can find resources about IDWW, participating organizations, and other informative resources linked below.

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