Co-sponsored Event: Unraveling Ecosystem Challenges: Investigating Pinyon Decline and Big Sagebrush Resiliency

Native Voices in STEM

Dr. Demetra N. Skaltsas





Dr. Demetra N. Skaltsas
Assistant Professor, School of STEM, Diné College

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Dr. Demetra N. Skaltsas is an Assistant Professor at the School of STEM, Diné College, specializing in ecosystem health at the microbiome level. With a background in systematics, taxonomy, and fungi research, she actively mentors undergraduate and graduate students in field and lab settings. Holding a Ph.D. from the University of Maryland, she focuses on fungal evolution and ecology, contributing significantly to ongoing projects, including research on pinyon decline and big sagebrush resiliency. More recently, Dr. Skaltsas and her team have initiated research in fungal remediation for uranium contamination on Navajo Nation. This work aims to explore innovative fungal solutions to address uranium contamination, highlighting her dedication to environmental health and community well-being. In addition to her research endeavors, Dr. Skaltsas serves as a mentor for the Bridge to STEAM program at Diné College and has played a key role in establishing the Land Grant Office Research Lab at the Tsaile Campus. Her comprehensive background includes coordinating international sampling efforts, managing large teams of technicians and students, and contributing to various areas such as postharvest physiology, food safety, and genetics.