Damned If We Don’t! Ideas for Accelerating Change Around Water

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Christopher Peacock Editor, Water Anthology Press, 2015

A new water anthology, Damned If We Don’t! Ideas for accelerating change around water, available in pre-release from the Water Innovation Project, is for readers interested in changing the way we manage water. The editor, Christopher Peacock, founder of the Water Innovation Project and publisher of the book, characterizes the collection of essays as highlighting “how collaboration and information sharing are the smartest ways that we can save, strengthen and rebuild our fractured water sector.” He envisions the book as a learning tool “to accelerate change in our behaviors around [our] management of and relationship to water....”

Damned If We Don’t reflects the experiences of its more than 25 different authors with such topics as climate change, conservation, smart grid enhancements, and water innovations. Thought leaders who contributed articles include water experts like Bob Sandford, EPCOR Chair of the Canadian Partnership Initiative in support of the United Nations “Water for Life” Decade; Karen Kun, Executive Director of Toronto-based Waterlution; and Renee M. Kayal, Program Director of Education & Training for the Water Environment Federation. 

Among the authors are Director of the WRRC, Dr. Sharon B. Megdal, WRRC professionals Kelly Mott Lacroix and Brittany Xiu, and former WRRC Applied Programs Coordinator Candice Rupprecht. Damned If We Don’t features two of the WRRC’s Water RAPIDS (Research and Planning Innovations for Dryland Systems) Programs: Conserve2Enhance (C2E) and the Upper Gila River Watershed Project. C2E is an innovative program that connects voluntary water conservation to environmental enhancement efforts and the Upper Gila River Watershed Project was a collaborative effort to develop effective decision-making tools for watershed planning in the Upper Gila River basin. 

Written for members of the water sector by members of the water sector, this book represents a shared vision of the path forward for water. Two pre-release chapters are available at www.wateranthology.com. Half the proceeds from pre-ordered copies of the book will be donated to Water For People, a Denver-based charity that focuses on water quality and sanitation throughout the world.