Conference 2017 - Irrigated Agriculture in Arizona: A Fresh Perspective

Tuesday, March 28, 2017
UA Student Union
Tucson, Arizona

On March 28, 2017, approximately 325 people traveled to the University of Arizona Student Union for the WRRC Annual Conference, Irrigated Agriculture in Arizona: A Fresh Perspective. The event began with a packed audience viewing the movie Groundwater: To Enact a Law for the Common Good, followed by a discussion led by the movie's co-producer, Kathleen Ferris, during which panelists discussed how sustainable water management can be achieved through cooperation and leadership. Morning and afternoon panels and keynote presentations covered a range of current agricultural water issues, and included commentary from water managers, farmers, and policy makers.  The luncheon presentations fittingly celebrated the rich agricultural history of Tucson. The lunch table included fresh breads made with locally grown wheat and donated by renowned baker Don Guerra of Barrio Breads. 

In the closing commentary, WRRC Associate Director Jean McLain stressed that "the conversation is just beginning," that the day was meant to stimulate dialogue between diverse sectors of the agricultural water community. Look for follow-up stories and information related to the conference in the Weekly Wave, the WRRC quarterly AWR newsletter, and the 2018 Arroyo. For information on how to subscribe to these online publications, click here.

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