2010 Annual Conference Workshop 3

Workshop 3: June 10, 2010

Creating an Information Clearinghouse and 
Communications Network

Workshop 3, led by Betsy Woodhouse (Institute of the Environment) and Jan Holder (Gila Watershed Partnership), discussed issues central to every environmental effort: how to network with one another and communicate effectively to the public.  Participants brainstormed ideas that were grouped into seven proposals: educating the public, educating policymakers, using advertising to reach a wide audience, using art to communicate environmental issues, telling stories to put a human face on the science, creating networking opportunities, and creating a clearinghouse website. Participants agreed there was a need to coordinate efforts with other environmental groups who are engaged in communications and public outreach efforts, and perhaps consolidate funding or seek out a grant. 

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Draft Proposal for a Communications Clearinghouse

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