2010 Annual Conference Workshop 2

Workshop 2: June 10, 2010
Creating an Arizona Environmental Leadership Institute

Workshop 2 was led by Melaney Seacat (Pima County), Andrea Gerlak (Udall Center for Studies in Public Policy) and Tom Murray (Sonoran Institute for Leadership Development). It focused on crafting an outline for an Arizona Environmental Leadership Institute.  To begin, a summary of relevant points from the Roundtable discussions was presented followed by a brief overview of the structure of three other leadership programs.  The group proceeded to brainstorm what was needed to create an institute in Arizona.  A visioning exercise on what Arizona would look like in ten years if there was a successful leadership institute in place and development of a mission statement was undertaken.  Lastly, participants broke into three groups for discussion on: programs and services an institute should offer; instigators and partners who should be involved; and funding and resources needed to start up an institute.  Participants agreed that the needs were great and the funding and leadership to take on the challenge were major factors.

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Results from Workshop 2

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