‘Water: The Human Element’ Photo Contest Winners

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In the winter of 2012-2013, the WRRC held a photo contest on the theme, “Water: the Human Element”. The theme was chosen to showcase the unique ways people interact with water in our arid state. A requirement of the contest was that the photographs be taken within the state. Arizona is a region of extremes when it comes to water. From a drop of moisture trapped in the spines of a cactus to a view of snow-capped mountains, water in all its forms provides visual treats for photographers. Add humans to the mix and stir. Contest entries went above and beyond, bringing imagination to bear on this year’s theme. The WRRC received more than 60 entries. A panel of judges selected five winning photographs and 15 runners-up. Although quality, clarity and composition were important, judges were looking for special moments captured and unique interpretations of the theme. The five winners were announced at the WRRC’s annual Chocolate Fest in February. The photos were featured at the event and were on display thereafter in the WRRC lobby. In addition, they are highlighted on the WRRC website (http://wrrc.arizona.edu/WRRC-Photo-Contest-Winners). Winning photographers were Leif Abrell and Bryce Emily Megdal from Tucson; Megan A. Powers and Meghan Smart from Phoenix; and Magdalena Donahue from Albuquerque, NM.