2020 Annual Report

2020 Annual Report Cover

The WRRC 2020 Annual Report highlights our activities and accomplishments throughout the year, in research, engagement, outreach, and education. Featured programs include working with stakeholders to address emerging water challenges in Pinal County, research on harvested rainwater quality, transboundary groundwater cooperation, and outreach to Arizona communities to develop water awareness and an understanding of local water resources. Updates describe continuing activities, such as the annual conference, seminars, and publications and provide a snapshot of recent efforts in furtherance of the WRRC mission.

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A two-page brochure and infographic spotlights some of the WRRC’s significant 2020 achievements.

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Appendix A: Strategic Planning Metrics

Appendix A contains the WRRC 2020 Strategic Plan metrics, which detail progress towards meeting the four Strategic Goals established in the WRRC 2021 Strategic Plan. It includes the Annual Partnership Metrics table, which displays the many partnerships established by the WRRC in sectors throughout the University, the state, the region, the nation, and the world. READ APPENDIX A 

Appendix B: Supplemental Information

Appendix B contains specific details on WRRC efforts, accomplishments, and recognition in 2020. READ APPENDIX B