2013 Annual Report

2013 annual report cover

The WRRC Annual Report summarizes the highlights of WRRC efforts during 2013, including innovative programs reaching into Arizona communities to foster sustainable water uses, effective educational strategies, and cutting-edge laboratory water quality research, all of which support the work of bright and successful students.

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Appendix A - Strategic Planning Metrics

Appendix A contains the WRRC 2013 Strategic Plan metrics, which detail the progress towards meeting the four Strategic Goals established in the WRRC 2021 Strategic Plan. New to the metrics in 2013 are annual Partnership Metrics (page 3 of the metrics report), which detail the multitude of partnerships established by the WRRC in sectors throughout the University, Arizona, the region, and the Nation. READ APPENDIX A

Appendix B - Supplemental Information

Appendix B contains details on WRRC efforts in 2013 to realize extension, education, and outreach and engagement goals. READ APPENDIX B