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Articles, Reports, and Other Works

Format: 2016-10-24
Format: 2016-10-24
Sharon B. Megdal, Andrea K. Gerlak , Robert G. Varady & Ling-Yee Huang
Fall 2014
Eylon Shamir, Sharon B. Megdal, Carlos Carrillo, Christopher L. Castro, Hsin-I Chang, Karletta Chief, Frank E. Corkhill, Susanna Eden, Konstantine P. Georgakakos, Keith M. Nelson & Jacob Prietto
November 6, 2014
16 pps.
Kelly Mott Lacroix , Ashley Hullinger & Christopher Fullerton
October 2014
Joanna B. Nadeau, Sharon B. Megdal, Greta Anderson, Brittany Xiu & Leah Edwards
November 14, 2012
Joanna B. Nadeau , Sharon B. Megdal, Brittany Xiu, Greta Anderson & Leah Edwards
October 2, 2012
72 pps.
Janick F. Artiola, Kathryn L. Farrell-Poe & Jackie Moxley
106 pps.
Robert G. Varady, Frank van Weert, Sharon B. Megdal, Andrea Gerlak, Christine Abdalla Iskandar & Lily House-Peters
June 2012
Channah Rock, Jean E. McLain & Daniel Gerrity
May 1, 2012
8 pps.

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