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WRRC Launches Interactive GCASE Website

The UA Water Resources Research Center (WRRC) recently launched an interactive website for participants of its GCASE program (Incorporating Climate Information and Stakeholder Engagement in Groundwater Resources Planning and Management), which seeks to facilitate two-way communication between modelers and stakeholders in the Santa Cruz Active Management Area with a focus on incorporating climate change information into water planning and management. 


Funded by NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration), GCASE is a collaborative effort between the WRRC and the Hydrologic Research Center of San Diego. Climate projections are used with linked models of precipitation, streamflow and groundwater to show stakeholders the potential effects of groundwater management decisions.  Stakeholders were engaged in the GCASE process from the beginning.  Launched with a Kickoff Workshop in October 2012, the project reported interim results at a Milestone Workshop in April 2013. 


The new GCASE project website features documentation, workshop presentations and an interactive discussion forum where stakeholders can continue to exchange ideas with the project team. A Capstone Workshop is being planned for the fall of 2013.

Interested participants should contact Jacob Prietto for more information. Learn more about GCASE here: wrrc.arizona.edu/GCASE.