New WRRC Weather Station! |

New WRRC Weather Station!

Weather data are now being generated at the WRRC, just in time for the summer monsoon season.  Real-time temperature, precipitation, wind speed and direction, and humidity readouts are available.  As part of a UA Green Fund mini-grant, the weather station has been installed along with an online weather tool so anyone can access the data over time. The Green Fund project, An Untapped Resource: Condensate Collection for Water Sustainability on the University of Arizona Campus, was initiated to collect and measure condensate from air conditioning (AC) units at the WRRC. AC units generate gallons of high-quality condensate (water) from out of the air that is mostly going down the drain or evaporating, and is of no beneficial use in a region where water is a limited resource. In this pilot project, two AC units will be monitored and the weather station will provide temperature, precipitation and humidity data that will be analyzed for correlations with condensate production. The data generated will be useful to validate potential water savings and timing of condensate production, applicable to other buildings. Photo: John Hays

The WRRC weather data can be accessed here.