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The Weekly Wave e-News Digest

The Weekly Wave e-News Digest is distributed each Friday, and contains WRRC news, events and much more. The Wave features weekly updates on the WRRC’s ongoing Brown Bag Seminar Series – informal water-focused presentations open to the public – as well as information on the WRRC Annual Conference. Look for news on WRRC programs like Arizona Project WET, Conserve to Enhance (C2E), Water RAPIDS (Research And Planning Innovations for Dryland Systems), GCASE (Groundwater, Climate and Stakeholder Engagement), and many more. You’ll also find helpful information on the WRRC’s many outreach efforts, updates on research projects, social media news, and links to our press appearances. 

Arizona Water Resource and Arroyo Newsletters

The Arizona Water Resource (AWR) is the WRRC’s quarterly newsletter that provides timely and informative coverage of water issues, research and events. The AWR offers information of interest to a broad variety of audiences, including water professionals, academicians, policy makers and the public, and is available via email and on the WRRC website. The Arroyo is the annual WRRC newsletter published each spring, with each issue devoted to a single water topic of timely concern in Arizona. Past Arroyo topics include What is the Value of Water - A Complex Question (2014), Contaminants of Emerging Concern in Water (2013), U.S.-Mexico Border Water (2012) and Water Desalination (2011).

WRRC Annual Conference News

News and updates on the WRRC Annual Conference are distributed via the WRRC Weekly Wave e-newsletter. The Annual Conference engages WRRC stakeholders and addresses important water issues in Arizona and the Southwest. The conference draws representatives from government, academia, the water community, non-profits, private businesses, universities and the public sector, and often features international speakers. The agenda from the 2014 conference  “Closing the Gap Between Water Supply and Demand,” can be viewed here. Planning is already underway for the 2015 conference.

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