Layperson's Guide to Arizona Water |

Layperson's Guide to Arizona Water

December 1, 2007
by Gary Pitzer1, Susanna Eden2 & Joe Gelt3
1 - Water Education Foundation; 2 - WRRC; 3 - WRRC, Ret.
28pp., Water Education Foundation, California, December 1, 2007

As part of its commitment to serve the water education needs of Arizona citizens, the Water Resources Research Center teamed up with the Water Education Foundation to produce the Layperson’s Guide to Arizona Water. The publication meets a longstanding need: it offers in a single, reader-friendly source information Arizona citizens need to be well informed about state water issues. Few would doubt the need for a layperson’s guide or primer describing the ins and outs of Arizona water. Arizona is a rapidly growing state attracting people from many different areas who need to be educated about water in a desert and semi-arid environments. The guide is aimed at a wide audience, from water professionals needing a quick reference, to policy makers wanting a reliable summary of the facts, to the water-interested citizen.  Available by download only.