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Topic area: 2015 El Ninos

Michael A. Crimmins
Associate Professor
Associate Extension Specialist
Department of Soil, Water and Environmental Science
University of Arizona

Arizona Hydrological Society

This year’s theme is "Where Did the Water Go?" Visit the symposium web site for up-to-date information.

Navajo Solar Desalination Demonstration Project
Speaker: Ardeth Barnhart, Director, UA Renewable Energy Network
Presentation: Navajo Solar Desalination Demonstration Project
Date/Time: Tuesday, September 22 / 12:00-1:15 pm
Location: WRRC Sol Resnick Conference Room (350 N. Campbell Ave.)  
NM WRRI's 60th Annual New Mexico Water Conference

Coloring Outside the Lines:
Can Science Help Us Be Creative and Innovative in Managing Our Water?

$75 Early registration until September 15

Tours offered on October 7
Lava Tube Spring  •  Rio Hondo/Cuchilla Acequias  •  Restoration Agriculture in Taos Valley

WaterSmart Innovations Conference

WSI 2015 is coming to Las Vegas October 7-9

Once again, water professionals from around the globe will meet in Las Vegas to share their expertise and experiences in urban water efficiency at the annual WaterSmart Innovations Conference and Exposition, October 7-9 at the South Point Hotel and Conference center.

Arizona Riparian Council 28th Annual Meeting

Tools and Techniques for Assessing and Restoring Riparian Habitat. 

DAY 1: AM – SPEAKERS • Using wet/dry mapping and ER sensors to understand stream and riparian ecology • Understanding genetics to improve restoration to respond to climate changes • Monitoring irrigation and soil properties to support riparian habitat creation and maintenance • Assessing habitat suitability using LiDAR imagery PM – TECHNICAL PAPERS AND POSTER SESSION (submit abstracts by August 21st)

Conservation Loves A Crisis: Lessons from North America's Driest City

Speaker: Doug Bennett, Conservation Manager, Southern Nevada Water Authority 

Presentation: Conservation Loves A Crisis: Lessons from North America's Driest City  

Date/Time: Thursday, November 12, 2015 / 12:00 - 1:15 PM 

Location: WRRC Sol Resnick Conference Room (350 N. Campbell Ave.)

13th Annual Tamarisk Coalition Conference - The Road to Riparian Restoration

Please refer to the Call for Abstracts flyer (also attached) for more details.  Deadline to submit is October 1, 2015.

2016 Land and Water Summit - Creating a New Paradigm for Living in Arid Lands

Xeriscape Council of New Mexico | (505) 468-1021

PO Box 6186
Albuquerque, NM 87197-6186


SAVE THE DATE: WRRC 2016 Annual Conference, Monday, March 21
On March 21, 2016, the University of Arizona (UA) Water Resources Research Center (WRRC) is holding its 2016 Annual Conference at the UA Student Union. 
The WRRC Annual Conference each year addresses an important water issue in Arizona and the Southwest. The conference generally draws over 300 people from government, academia, the water community, non-profits, private businesses, universities, Native American communities, and the public, and often features international speakers.