Conserve to Enhance

Volunteers install rainwater catchment basins, native plants and an elevated path at the Atturbury Wash in Tuscon. Photo credit: Candice Rupprecht


Additional Resources:


Webcast: An Intro to Conserve to Enhance

A short, ten minute slide presentation with audio covering the basics of C2E.


Webinar Series

Learn about C2E and other water utility-based user contribution program. This series is ongoing.


Publications and Other Resources

Research informing and about C2E.

The innovative approach of Conserve to Enhance provides a direct connection between water users’ voluntary water conservation actions and local environmental projects. Development of a C2E program can be driven by a water utility, a local environmental organization, or both.  The Water Resources Research Center has resources to assist communities in establishing a C2E program within the Arizona and the Colorado River Basin.

C2E has a NEW WEBSITE! features the newly developed C2E Water Use Dashboard and an array of conservation information to make participating in C2E even easier.  Join C2E, track you water conservation, and start donating to regional enhancement efforts today!