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Program Design Guide

Conserve to Enhance Program Design Guide

Complete Program Design Guide (large file)
The entire guide as a single PDF. Individual sections may be downloaded using the links below.

Section 1: Key Elements Guide:
A quick overview of the keys to developing a C2E program

Section 2: Readiness Rating Worksheet:
See where your community stands today and track your progress through C2E program development

Section 3: Program Development Timeline:
The program development process in a visual format

Section 4: Partnership Building:
Partnerships are important for C2E success

Section 5: Program Goals:
Specifics on what C2E can achieve

Section 6: Accounting Options:
An overview of approaches for tracking water conservation and donations

Section 7: Program Oversight:
How to maintain accountability and credibility for C2E

Section 8: Implementing C2E:
Putting it all together and launching your program

Section 9: Communications and Outreach Resources:
Fact sheets, brochures, etc.

Section 10: Evaluating Success:
Program evaluation guidance and resources

Program Development FAQs

The WRRC has developed a comprehensive Conserve to Enhance Program Design Guide to help communities develop their own C2E programs. The Guide covers each step of the program development process in detail. Conserve to Enhance is a flexible program that is easily adapted to fit the needs of most communities. We hope this guide is a useful resource as you work through the process of developing a voluntary, data-driven water conservation program in your community.

The WRRC is also has technical assistance staff available to answer your questions and help you through the program development process:

Inside Arizona: Candice Rupprecht

Outside Arizona: Aaron Lien