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Water Needs Assessment Manual

Arizona Environmental Water Needs Assessment 

Defining environmental water needs is the first critical step towards securing and addressing environmental flows. Considering environmental water needs alongside human demands is anAzEWN Guidebook Brochure emerging paradigm in water policy. The science of environmental water needs (or e‐flows) is ever growing and evolving. And yet, no compendium of efforts to define e‐flows in Arizona had been compiled, until now.
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Another short introduction to the project, published as an insert in the Arizona Water Resource Fall 2011 issue, is available here.)



AzEWNA Report

Arizona Environmental Water Needs Assessment (AzEWNA) Report

This Assessment Report describes the geographic location and focus of nearly 100 studies of environmental water needs in Arizona, using all relevant sources. It identifies environmental water needs for some rivers and denotes the Arizona rivers where we know little.
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Arizona Environmental Water Needs (AzEWN) Methodology Guidebook

Determining the best methods or quantifying environmental flow needs depends on what is to be studied as well as how the information will be used. This guidebook provides aAzEWN Methodology Guidebook description of the methodologies used in Arizona to define the environment's needs for water. Depending on the geographic context, the time and effort available, and whether the goal is restoration or maintenance of an ecosystem, some methods will be more appropriate for a given application than others. The goal of this guidebook is to help the reader navigate new territory, to illuminate the various points of contact that each method offers.
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Nearly 100 studies of environmental water needs in Arizona have been compiled in a searchable Excel database (the inventory) of information about study location, study content, and study findings. To sort the database, this password is needed to unlock the Excel worksheet (wrrcguest2011). The database structure document describes the fields of the Excel spreadsheet.

AzEWNA Inventory of Studies (Excel spreadsheet)
AzEWNA Database Structure and Standardization (pdf)