Water Harvesting Resources

These water harvesting resources are organized into three categories: Demonstration Sites, Online Resources, and Workshops.

Type Organizationsort icon Link Description
Online Resource Pima County

Fun, informative, interactive info for middle-schoolers (water harvesting link)

Demonstration Site Pima County

Information (including use of rainwater harvesting) on Kino Environmental Restoration Project

Online Resource Pima County Regional Flood Control District

Webpage describing historical flood events in Pima County

Demonstration Site Pima County, City of Tucson

Map of Tucson's sustainability assets and accomplishments, including greywater and rainwater harvesting sites

Online Resource Project Brays - Harris County Flood Control District

Description of a large, multipurpose, stormwater management project located in southwest Houston, TX

Demonstration Site Rainwater Harvesting for Drylands and Beyond

Brad Lancaster's list of demonstration sites in Arizona

Demonstration Site Sonoran Institute

Some pictures of the the work in progress

Online Resource Texas

Easy to read, yet very detailed; lots of info on different types of storage systems; extensive info on treating rainwater for potable use; helpful charts at the ends of sections to summarize foregoing content; some parts are Texas- or Austin-specific (i.e. rainfall patterns and amounts); handy section detailing costs of various components; does not provide any specific how-to instructions

Online Resource Texas

Very basic presentation on RWH; Texas-based

Online Resources The Arizona Meteorological Network


The Arizona Meteorological Network (AZMET) provides meteorological data and weather-based information to agricultural and horticultural interests operating in southern and central Arizona.  Meteorological data is collected from a network of automated weather stations located in both rural and urbal production settings